Hi there! I’m Patrick Steed. I’m a Musical Director, Composer, Lyricist, Musician, Pianist & Coach – with an addiction to musicals, an obsession with harmonies and a desire to bring happiness and music to as many people as possible. 

I’m the creator of Technicolour. This choir remixes musical theatre and every song is re-imagined with new harmonies, new sound and new style. So, if you’ve got musicals on your running playlist but you dance Beyonce in the clubs, or your belt out a show tune in the shower but then cover yourself in glitter at festivals and rave to house music – you’ve just found the answer to your prayers.

A few quick-fire facts – I live in Cardiff with my wonderful partner Matt. I’m the composer in residence for Hello Cabaret. I love challenges (like running marathons, climbing mountains, jumping out of planes). I’m part of Book, Music & Lyrics – a epic group that supports musical theatre writers in London. I worked at inspireMe / Sing & Inspire for 8 years – leading team building events and choirs across the UK and Europe, as well as writing vocal arrangements. My favourite tv show is Buffy the Vampire. I was the composer and lyricist for a musical called Stalking John Barrowman which premiered in Cardiff (2013) and Austin, Texas (2015). I was supported by the Arts Council of Wales to create a one act musical – Blink (2016). I’ve been involved with choir projects for TV, WNYO and lead Serenity Female Voice Choir for 3 years. I studied Music at Cardiff University. I’m a former European karate champion. When I was a kid, my dream job was to be Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films (it didn’t quite work out – thanks Daniel Radcliffe! Haha!)


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