Terror and Pterodactyls: a powerful tool for facing your fear

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What is a CDF? – Part 2

Danielle LaPorte launched The Desire Map with a series of book clubs across the world on the same night. I was lucky to be invited, alongside my beautiful partner Matt, to one of these book clubs led by my very inspiring friend, Andrea Callanan. Amidst the crackling fire, candles and delicious snacks a small group of us bonded as we discussed what we wanted in our lives and which CDFs were important to us.

For some it was important to feel loved. For others, secure. Some craved freedom, creativity, success, happiness, respect or energy. We explored different feelings, discussed words and shared a wealth of previous self-development experience with each other. Andrea had created a safe space for us to open up, discuss our core-desired feelings and support each other.

CDF photo

I fondly remember evenings with Matt searching through a dictionary and finding out the true meanings of words that resonated with us. What is the difference between safe and secure? What is the difference between brave and courageous? They may be such subtle differences in the connotations of these words however those subtle differences have great impact. If we couldn’t find the right word, we’d find alternatives in a thesaurus. If we still couldn’t find the right word, we’d make up one that had our own, personal interpretation.

 So here are mine…

Adventurous ~ Passionate ~ Visionary ~ Inspiring ~ Diamond

 I’ve been reflecting on these feelings, feeling these feelings and using these feelings as a compass to guide my decisions. Is this adventurous? Am I inspiring people today? Does that make me feel diamond?

 What has happened to me since then? Matt and I moved to Manchester on a fantastic adventure! He has achieved a fantastic promotion and so have I. My new role has ticked each CDF and my new car and piano make me feel diamond. My musical is going stateside. Matt and I are going on holiday to Spain, spending time my parents and seeing Beyonce in Paris. We’ve even created CDFs for Mattrick.

 Other success stories from the Desire Mappers in our club include promotions (loads of them), romances, dream houses, life-style changes, expanding business, meeting heroes and working with idols.

 So sometimes life goals can be achieved without predicting them and sometimes it’s exciting to not map everything out. Feel the right feelings and the goals behind those feelings can find you.