What is a CDF? – Part 1

CDF is an acronym I have been using since the start of 2014. It is part of a thought process that has had a massive impact on my life. You can see my CDFs on my Philosophy page.

 “What is a CDF?” asked Mali Taylor-Powell (a friend and colleague) as she looked at my website. I explained. I had planned to leave this acronym a mystery so that my website visitors would need to search for an explanation. I’d send them on an “Indiana Jones-esque” adventure to find the hidden treasure. When I tried this myself (via The Lost Temple of Google) this was my first discovery…

 Cumulative Distribution Function: In probability theory and statistics, the cumulative distribution function (CDF), or just distribution function, describes the probability that a real-valued random variable X with a given probability distribution will be found to have a value less than or equal to x.

 Oh dear, Mali was right. Further explanation was needed!

 To me, CDF stands for Core Desired Feeling. It is a principle taken from Danielle LaPorte’s bestselling book – The Desire Map. She encourages people to use feelings as a measure of success rather than goals and ambitions.

It is a simple idea and an incredibly powerful one.


In the world of self-development we are often taught to set goals and then work on achieving them. In many cases this can have great results….however….What happens if we are not sure what goals we want? Will they make us happy when we achieve them? Are they goals we want or what other people want for us? How do we feel if we don’t achieve them? Sometimes goals can be as risky as “The Mirror of Erised” from Harry Potter and we fall into the trap of “I will be happy when….”

Choose a feeling. How do you want to feel?

Open-hearted. Graceful. Kind. Successful. Powerful. Free. Expressive. Sexy. Spontaneous. Wealthy. Creative. Safe. Excited. Healthy. Strong. Joyful. Grounded. Courageous. Rock n’ roll.

The list is as expansive as language.

Sometimes, a word may resonate with you. Sometimes you may feel that life has been AWESOME when you’ve been ‘sponteneous’ or ‘creative’ and you want more! Sometimes, it may be something you aspire to feel. Using your CDFs as a compass, they can help guide your decisions and change your world.

In part two, I’ll discuss how I discovered my CDFs through attending a very inspirational book club.