Behold: A website

It’s July 26th and I have a website! A website that has been on the cards for the past 6 months. It began with a chat with my partner Matt and then a wonderful present from him at Christmas – my own domain name:

Wow! That’s kool. I’ll get started. Little did I know that it would raise some deep and profound questions: Who is Patrick Steed? Why should he have a website? What do I need to share with the world?

This prompted a fantastic discussion with a wonderful friend, Beth Goudie, who at the time was on the cusp of marriage. She was thinking about her new website, expanding as a performer and reinventing herself with a new married name.

We discussed whether I should be: Patrick Steed – the composer? Or Patrick Steed – the choir leader? Or the inspirer? Or performer? What if I choose to write a book? Or move to Thailand and set up a turtle sanctuary?

The answer was simple; be Patrick Steed – the person. So here is the website. You’ll find out everything that’s going on. Any new projects, any major life events, the whole shebang!

So I dedicate this journal post to Matt and Beth – thank you for the guidance!

Here we are at Beth and Sam's wedding in January 2014

Here we are at Beth and Sam’s wedding in January 2014